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Helana Mckenzie
While growing up in Hong Kong, South Africa, and Australia, Helana Mckenzie was deeply inspired by the modern and exotic designs from her culturally eclectic upbringing. In addition to her love of design, Helana grew up fascinated by her mother’s jewellery, always looking through her jewellery boxes while her mother got ready in the morning. Helana’s love for art and design brought her to a career in graphic design. However, her untapped creative energy kept pulling her back to a desire to create jewellery that was beautiful, timeless, and accessible. Little did she know, that a meditation retreat in Thailand would be the start of an incredible journey.   
Helana was soon captivated by the designs that were borne from the meditation process. Those designs became the inspiration for her first collection. After years of sketching and refinement, Helana Mckenzie Designs was borne in 2015.   
Helana Mckenzie Designs represented the beauty and strength in the journey, and the passion found in doing something that matters to you. Helana's passion for jewellery turned out to be a mission to design pieces that are at once both aspirational and attainable that women felt a connection with that didn’t compromise on the quality and craftsmanship.